Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family Walk

My wife and I have a new puppy, as I mentioned in my first post. He's a very sweet seven month old beagle named Charlie.

Now, very sweet does not mean he can't be destructive. He's still a beagle.

So we are firm believers in the idea that calories spent walking with us are calories not spent chewing on our shoes, we take him for daily walks.

This morning, because it's the weekend and it's sunny out, we both went out walking with him, rather than our usual one at a time.

Our eight month old kitten, Mina, was outside at the time. She watched from the fence as we left.

Lurking nearby was Jake, the neighborhood stray (huge) cat we feed from time to time and used to let in the house on cold nights. (Jake is a Maine Coon, and as such, is bigger than Charlie)

We began our walk, only to glance back and notice that both cats were pacing us, about twenty feet behind.

They followed us for over a block and a half, tagging along on our walk. When we tried to cross a street to go further, Mina stood on the curb and cried at us, as she apparently doesn't cross the road.

I feel somewhat sorry that our other cat, Ami was locked up in the house at the time. Maybe she would have liked to be included?

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